Fall Fashion and Accessories for Kids

Kids fashion has in recent years piqued the curiosity of Pinterest users, generating a frenzy of searches beyond the usual decor, wedding, and hair inspiration. As adults, we don’t have as obvious a fresh start every fall. But an impending change of seasons is still as good an excuse as any to refresh with some practical buys, whether you’re heading to class like your kid or not. If you’re overdue for some new, not-so-worn-out basics like Headbands for Baby Girls or you want to cut back on screen time by keeping notes in an actual notebook.

Fall season is finally here and it’s my favorite season. It’s also the season of fashion week and as much as we all want those runway looks for ourselves and try to figure out how to pull them off for ourselves in real life, we shouldn’t forget the kids too. Kids these days dress better than adults with the invention of Instagram kid models with very fashionable pages, teenagers, tweens and even toddlers all want to be fashionable as well.

There are however some not so easy to style trends. It can feel like you’ve hit the jackpot when something you normally wear becomes a popular trend. But it’s the more challenging styles, the ones that require stretching your creativity and closets) to the limits that end up being our favorites. Of course, there’s no reason to blindly follow the masses; for example, the sparkly lurex trend could feel like a no-brainer for more-is-more types and be a total no-go for the minimalists among us. But feeling provoked by a trend is a good thing.

The Flowery Shirt Dress:

There are a handful of trends to come out of this past September Fashion Month that has stuck with parents. For starters, the flowery shirt dresses of late. Spotted on runways, like Chloé and Céline, the shirtdress screams business casual, but always chic. It’s an ideal silhouette for those days when the weather just can’t make up its mind. Plus, given the lampshading craze, a shirtdress makes a great opportunity to break out those over-the-knee boots. All these advantages also work for a fashionable and stylish kid. You can even match with your kid for a mummy-daughter look.

Corset Inspired Dresses:

Corsets go way way back and can be classified as one of the pillars of old-time fashion and style. It has continued to be reinvented in different ways in each new century and decade and always find new ways to creep back into the echelons of fashion. In a post-lampshading world, we have yet another chapter to add to the book of trends that were likely started by the Kardashian-Jenner crew and are now blowing up on Pinterest. After a lengthy (sponsored, social media-shared) affair with waist shapers, the famous family has once again transformed activewear into streetwear with the somewhat questionable corset belt. Corset belts are not advisable for kids but it doesn’t mean the look cannot be copied. Kim Kardashian dressed North-West in a corset looking dress and though initially getting heat from the public for it everyone came to realize it wasn’t an actual corset but just a design on the dress. It is a beautiful design

Fanny Packs and Belt Bags:

It wouldn’t be a 2016 trend if there wasn’t some nostalgia thrown in the mix. Sure, fanny packs started making a comeback a few years ago, but their more sophisticated cousin, the belt bag, is vying for its spot. After seeing them fastened on models at Jil Sander and Tod’s, moms and daughters everywhere have been seeking the look. It’s definitely an easy way to look stylish.

A Stylish Jacket:

A stylish yet simple jacket is also proving to be a hot commodity and it’s also a wardrobe essential. They have the ability to elevate a simple outfit like a jean and T-shirt to something ultra stylish and fashionable. August marks the start of fall and is also back-to-school month. As you go through the aisles looking for bargain back to school supplies also keep in mind that a good coat is an essential and is a good investment for our kid’s wardrobe.


When it comes to fall style, almost everyone knows the value of a classic. One of these classics is the Overall. A denim overall is easy to style and can be turned into a lumberjack inspired look by adding a plaid shirt or you can go minimalistic by pairing it with a plain black tee or white tee. You can add a pop of color with a colorful tee.The overall balances comfort and sophistication.


When shopping for fall and generally for any season, consider this the most seamless transition between seasonal wardrobes. For adults, your fresh, springy outfits turn a little darker but no less lovely come autumn but this doesn’t have to be the case for kids. You can keep the colors and playfulness alive with floral. There must’ve been a floral memo sent out among designers because there are now so many fall clothes coming in floral. Designers reinterpreted the color palette for the season, reaching beyond the burnt oranges, burgundies, and browns we tend to gravitate toward in the fall, and introduced florals in deep blues, purples, and pinks.

It’s been only a few months since designers presented their fall 2017 collections on the runway. So you have plenty of time to ponder, plan, and narrow down the list of runway-approved trends you might actually make an effort to incorporate into our autumn wardrobes. And right as these very collections are set to arrive in stores, you’ll find that most of these styling tidbits have already made their way through the echelons of retail—so you don’t have to wait to break out the best fall fashion trends.