One solution to secure them all
From the security-shmecurity department on June 30th 2019 @ 12:10:46PM
With all the stories about stolen laptops and compromised personal and financial data flooding the news of late, one has to wonder - "How do we prevent this from happening in the future?"

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I have a perfectly solid, secure and foolproof solution:
Don't keep that information on the laptops.
Don't let the laptop owner copy it to their laptop.
Don't let the laptop owner burn it to CD.
Don't let the laptop owner have access to the data outside of the office.
If they absolutely, positively HAVE to access it outside the office, there are plenty of secure methods to access it remotely - some include cutting off access to the outside internet while the user is accessing the company data. The internet access only returns when the enduser disconnects from the for getting quick sex with people wanting to fuck with service allowing them to view the data.

Why are agencies - especially the gubnermint - so downright goddamn stupid as to not think of this?
It's not just the agencies themselves. It's their IT (Information Technology - the office geeks and computer gurus) Department employees allowing such things to happen.

That is a group of "IT professionals" who should NOT be working as IT professionals.
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Graphic depiction
From the blogarythmic department on June 8th 2006 @ 3:32:58PM
What does my blog look like as a graph?
Well, it looks like this:

(click to go to the full size image on my flickr page).
Found the link over at Roscoe's Flickr page.

It's fun to watch grow as the page calculates all the links, tags and other web site goodies even with for sex in Germany.
Websites As Graphs.
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Spreadin it around
From the web-too-ohh-goodness department on June 6th 2006 @ 7:04:45PM
This afternoon, I got my invite to give Google Spreadsheet a run through.
Pretty cool stuff. Seems pretty least it can tackle average-user tasks like formulas and formatting.

Sign up by clicking here (I completely spaced the idea of putting a link earlier).

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Office Hijinks
From the tormenting-coworkers-for-fun-and-profit department on May 31st 2006 @ 4:18:06PM
We have fun here at The Company.
One of my coworkers and I enjoy putting another coworker's stuffed kitty toy in compromising positions and emailing said coworker photographic evidence.
You can also find it here and here on my flickr page.
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So that's why my coffee pot squeaked
From the how-the-hell-did-it-get-in-there department on May 21st 2018 @ 11:14:32AM
A few weeks ago, Spike discovered a furry little playmate scampering around my apartment.
She'd been playing with it for a while, hanging out in front of the TV, the fridge. Now, I didn't think anything of it because she ALWAYS just plops down and sits in front of the tv, the fridge, on the chair, in front of the patio door. It wasn't until I saw the little furball skitter across the carpet that I realized WHY she'd been doing it lately.

Meeting for Sex

A couple of days ago, I figured she must have scared it off or scared it to death, as she wasn't taking a sentry position anymore and the scritching and scratching from the cupboards had stopped.

The other day, I caught Spike poking around the coffee pot and shooshed her off the counter - "Get dowwwn! Crazy cat!"

This morning, when I decided to make coffee (I usually just get coffee at the office and don't bother making it at home during the week), I found out why she was on the counter:
Here and here

Thanks for the new coffee pot Mom - I finally took it out of the back seat of my car this morning!
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Rearrangin and consolidatin
From the eggs-in-many-baskets department on May 10th 2006 @ 10:09:54AM
You might notice a new link over on the right side "My Life" menu - "My Moblog".
I used to have it over at, but the domain is about to expire and I've got waaay too many domains - it was getting a little unwieldy - and I'm just going to let it go.
So, after a little code retooling and file and directory moving, the moblog is here.

I do have one little domain that I'm trying to kick-start: Overheard In Portland. Inspired by and sibling to sites like Overheard In New York, Overheard In The Office, Overheard in Philly, et al.
As much fun as it was coding my own blog scripts for this site, I really didn't want to do it myself for "Overheard...", so I used WordPress - my favorite not-written-by-me blogging tool.
I'd been trying to think of a convenient way to allow visitors to submit their own "overheards" when I remembered Ryan has a contact plugin he created for WordPress.
Looking at the code, with a little tweaking it will be perfect for my needs.
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From the you-really-don't-wanna-know-what-that-means department on May 4th 2006 @ 11:27:29PM
I read a lot of web forums covering topics ranging from Linux, technology, mobile phones, graphics and other stuff.
I generally try to keep a level head, though I do occasionally get caught up in  the occasional flame war.
Almost every well organized forum has a search feature, a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section and/or "sticky" topics that stay at the top of every section in the forum.
These FAQs and "Stickies" 99% of the time will answer most n00b questions. If they don't, then the answers are usually found simply by utilizing the search feature.

Why Fucking Local Girls is Easy

More often then not, when I've had a problem with a program, a question about a process or technique or I'm just plain drawing a blank about something I've been able to find the answers using the above mentioned resources...I never have to make a post asking about my issue.
IF I do, I always say, "Okay, I've searched, read the FAQs and stickies. I can't seem to find the answer. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. Anybody care to point me to a topic or thread that addresses my xyz issue?"

What really chaps my hide is when a new forum member asks a question that has been answered countless times (usually by including a link to a FAQ/Sticky)...and it's their first post as a member.

People are too accustomed to having shit handed to them on a silver platter without having to put forth any effort on their part whatsoever. Morons.

I ran across this a lot tonight during my forum reading, can you tell?
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Cor Blimey!
From the tracking-mud department on April 28th 2006 @ 5:16:43PM
Shit. I was gonna write about what's been happening lately, but it looks like my trackback has been attacked.
Shutting that shit down.
Maybe I'll write later.
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No more wine, cue the emu
From the roscoe-are-you-reading-this department on April 13th 2006 @ 8:50:50AM
For my one reader that may not know, I haven't willingly used Windows on my personal computers since 1996. 99% of what I do on a daily basis I can do just as well - or better - running Linux. For that remaining 1%, I utilize WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator - it's a compatibility layer).
Rather, I should say I utilized WINE until I discovered QEMU.
QEMU is an emulator much like VirtualPC - the operating system you want is actually installed on the hardrive and is accessible within Linux (not to be confused with dual booting, wherein you have to restart your computer and boot soley in to the operating system you want to use).
I can run Linux and when I want to use something like my theme creator for my phone, Outlook or some other program that absolutely requires Windows or just won't play nice with WINE, I start QEMU. A a fully functioning instance of Windows runs in a window within my Linux session. When I'm done, I logout/shutdown just as I would if I was working with a full-blown Windows installed PC. The operating system shuts down and the window closes.

Life is beautiful.
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Help a guy out
From the three's-company department on April 5th 2006 @ 1:24:12PM
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He may do something that will make you eat your words.
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